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Clean the toxins on your Dog’s Fur before they Ingest it

Dogs need to get outside to remain active. We take them on walks, to the cottage, on trips to the park & so much more! Inevitably, they pick up all kinds of dirt. When dogs come home, if they lick to clean themselves, ingesting dirt & toxins. Concerningly, dirt and debris can be extremely difficult to spot in your dog’s fur and therefore, difficult to clean. These toxins can lead to various health issues.

The Dangers of Dirt & Toxins

The 3 most common toxins found in today’s environment are pesticides, parasites, and pollen. Pesticides & parasites latch on to dog’s fur, leading to redness, irritation, & potentially infection.  On the other hand, pollen causes allergic reactions & the consequences of dog allergies. Worst of all, these toxins can be found anywhere! The most common pesticide that dogs pick up are Organophosphates which are organic phosphate compounds commonly found in lawn and garden products such as insecticides. Additionally, pesticides can easily contaminate soil and dirt, becoming home to parasites such as roundworms and whipworms. Dogs can easily pick up these pesticides in their coat and paws that may not be visible until your next grooming appointment. 

What You Can Do to Prevent Your Dog from Eating Dirt

There is not enough time nor is it healthy to bathe your dog daily to wash off dirt. I found the most convenient solution was using pet wipes and the ones that worked the best for me were Buddy Wipes! Buddy Wipes work great to conveniently clean off all the dirt & grime on my dog’s coat. 

Use these wipes regularly to remove toxins in your dogs’ paws, body, & surrounding sensitive areas. Buddy Wipes acts as the best precaution to keep your fur baby safe at all costs.