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#1 Cleaning Solution for when your Dog Goes #2

Not Wiping Your Dog’s Behind? You May Be Putting Them At Risk

My little Carla goes #2 A LOT. I’ve always tried to help her clean herself, especially around her bum, but I could never find the best supplies to use. At a certain point, I would just wait until her monthly bath, to clean it properly. This all changed at my trip to the vet where I was made aware that extensive buildup of fecal matter in the hair around her butt can cause severe health issues.   

My vet warned that it is also very uncomfortable for my dog & can cause unpleasant smells. Like many people, I was not wiping his bum down daily.  My vet recommended using Buddy Wipes for frequent, convenient cleaning everyday. 

My story aside, I am sure you are all still asking; “Do I really need to wipe my dog?” “What’s the worst that could happen if I don’t wipe?”. These are great questions which I had for my veterinarian too. Aside from the fact that your dog is in fact dirty and you are going to have to deal with the smell, all that fecal build-up is incredibly irritating and painful for your pet. If you don’t wipe them down consistently, they may even develop anal-sac disease. The telltale signs for this is the red hot swelling around the anus.. If left untreated, your dog can get infected which is expensive to treat and very painful for your doggo. 

The Big Picture 

All these potential health problems frightened me, but ever since I started using Buddy Wipes I have to say that Carla and I couldn’t be happier. Carla smells nicer and seems happier. No more scooting her butt all around the house to remove pieces of fecal matter from the fur around her butt!

Now, at the end of everyday, I just pull out a wipe and wipe away any dirt or feces I see. The thickness & durability of the wipes make it so easy to capture any pieces without ripping. I owe it all to Buddy Wipes!