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Avoid the hassle of Allergy Season for your Dog

There’s nothing worse than knowing your dog is uncomfortable. Unfortunately, allergy season brings the worst kind of discomfort; itching, sneezing, dry throat and more! Environmental allergies in dogs are very common as they are either born with them or develop them over time. The way dogs react to environmental allergens like pollen can be complicated to diagnose. Unfortunately, allergies get worse with dogs, as they age. It is important to clean any allergens that can latch onto dogs’ fur when they go outside. 

What You Need to Know About Allergies

Allergies in your furry friend differ from allergies seen in humans. Generally, a dog’s allergies are triggered by dead skin, dander, pollen, and dust, which ultimately makes the immune system react abnormally. Environmental allergens such as pollen fall on your dog’s fur, ears, and the pads of their paws which then can be absorbed into the skin. As a result, your dog may turn to lick, chew or scratch themselves to ease the irritation, leading to itchy or watery eyes, runny nose, or rashes.

The Secret Weapon in Treating Your Dog’s Allergies

Taking care of a dog with allergies can be a long road but the first step is to wipe away any pesky allergens, like pollen, grass, or dust in the area. Lifestyle changes can be a burden on owners and their pets, that’s why Buddy Wipes always comes in handy! Make sure to look for pet wipes that have gentle ingredients such as aloe - it is also really important that they are hypoallergenic. Buddy Wipes cover all bases with a wipe that is hypoallergenic, all-natural & free of alcohol and chemical detergents. It is important to use Buddy Wipes after your dog comes in from walking or playing outside. This way you can get to any harmful toxins they pick up while at the park where they love to sniff flowers, grass, and even other dogs! Buddy Wipes’ soothing formula & gentle touch helps to target hotspots on your dog’s skin, by moisturizing and cleaning the area immediately. They also have the added benefit of maintaining a fresh smelling and shiny coat.

The Bottom Line

Handling your dog’s allergies is an ongoing process that requires consistent attention. Buddy Wipes are the safest way to avoid these allergens without frequent baths & visits to the vet!
Instead, using Buddy Wipes can provide immediate relief while controlling your dog’s discomfort.