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How Ingesting Dirt can be Harmful for your Dog

Is Your Dog Accidentally Ingesting Dirt? Find Out Why And How To Stop It

Walking our dogs is one of the cornerstones of all our daily routines. As much as I am sure we have all come to love this part of our day, let’s face it, sometimes things get messy. Your dog happens upon a muddy trail, goes for a roll in the dog park, or otherwise becomes covered in dirt. All the dirt and debris can be impossible to spot on your dog at times, or even after cleaning you just can’t ever seem to get it all off. When you cannot fully clean your furry friend, he will likely take it upon himself to get clean, licking the dirt away (gross...and dangerous). Doing this is extremely unsafe since these toxins are bad for your dog’s teeth, stomach, and overall, wellbeing.

Dangerous Dirt?

Dogs will sniff, dig, and roll about at each opportunity they get while walking outside and investigating their surroundings. As a result, dirt & grime accumulates in their fur. This build-up is often not dealt with until their monthly bath or next trip to the groomer. This is way too long to wait before cleaning your pet. In this time, parasites have the opportunity to cling onto your dog’s fur and breed. All that soil also includes poisons that are not apparent to the naked eye. In lieu of consistent cleaning your dog will try to lick himself clean, making it very easy for them to ingest these dangerous toxins. In the long run, it can also cause tooth and stomach damage, pesticide exposure, and intestinal problems.

How to Fix it?

My dog constantly gets dirty and it drives me insane. That is, until I discovered Buddy Wipes to keep my pet clean and healthy. Using Buddy Wipes daily allows you to remove the dirt build-up and prevent the temptation for them to lick themselves clean. This all-natural cleaning solution can remove even the finest dirt remnants from your dog’s coat, making him shiny & clean.