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The Perfect Solution for on-the-go Cleaning of your Dog

It is no secret that our furry friends can be a handful from time to time. From playdates in the park to daily walks, they sure do keep us busy!  It becomes difficult to find time to keep our dog clean from dirt & grime build-up. It is a hassle to travel with everything we need for our dog; food, toys, and cleaning supplies.

Buddy Wipes is the Perfect Tool for On the Go

It is no secret that Buddy Wipes does a great job at cleaning your dog. For on-the-go needs, the Buddy Wipes pack was designed to be portable for a deep clean anytime and anywhere!

Hear it from our Pet Parents

“I have three dogs, all of which love to accompany me on my road trips. Pet wipes are always the key to keeping my car and my pups clean at all times. Before using Buddy Wipes, the pet wipes I used had a horrible lid that would make all the moisture spill out leaving me with dry wipes. It was extremely frustrating. Using Buddy Wipes has been a lifesaver! From the strong clasping lid, to the easy to pull out wipes, it is so easy to clean them and the wipes stay wet forever!”

“No more sticky lids that lose the ability to close the packaging a week in. The strong lid of Buddy Wipes ensures you can use each and every last wipe”
“Pet wipes have always been a necessity in my house to help out with the flaky skin on my golden retriever. I prefer taking them in a dog bag alongside some poop bags, but the wipes I was using before had obnoxious packaging that was too difficult and overwhelming to carry. My wife introduced me to Buddy Wipes which has the most compact and efficient packaging I have seen. All the moisture is retained and the wipes easily dispense from the pack!”

The Best Packaging for All your Needs

The Buddy Wipes team has worked tirelessly to test and ensure that the packaging is suitable for everyone. If you are on-the-go and need a cleaning solution that can fit in your bag, Buddy Wipes is the answer.  Each pack fits 100 pre-soaked wipes & the strong snap lid ensures all moisture is retained. If you aren’t using Buddy Wipes, you are missing out on ultra-convenience and the safest way to clean your dog.