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Why you should use Buddy Wipes Instead of Baby Wipes

Health and hygiene are at the forefront of every dog owner’s mind, which is why it is important to be very careful of the products you use to clean your pups. There are a few cleaning alternatives out there that seem convenient, however, they are not effective or safe for your dog. Baby wipes are the most common alternative used by pet parents to clean their dogs. The thought process usually is: if it’s safe enough to use on babies, it must be safe for my dog. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Baby wipes contain various alcohols & propylene glycol, a chemical that is not made for dogs’ skin. You see, human skin has a higher pH balance than dogs. Therefore, it is important to use products made specifically for dogs.  Buddy Wipes are pH-balanced for dogs’ skin. 

They are made with earthy, 100% natural ingredients and are far more durable, absorbent, and effective for dogs. It is the safest way to clean your dog. 

It used to be hard to find something affordable to clean my dog without having to bathe him frequently, until I found Buddy Wipes. These wipes checked all of my boxes and seriously changed my life. Highly recommend them to anyone that wants to invest in their dog’s health.